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so many are just like family to us now.”

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Meet Rob!


June 4th, 2018- Upon sitting down with Rob, I am greeted by his signature smile and gracious humility. Rob recalls his injury back in 2010 when he fell from a ladder injuring his right shoulder and hip, as well as another injury in 2014, when he injured his back pouring concrete slabs.

“Physical labor was all I ever did.”

Back in high school, a talented baseball player, Rob had a scholarship to ASU with the chance to fulfill his dreams and pursue a career in professional baseball. In Rob’s Junior year of high school, he was kicked out of his home and on his own.

After pulling himself back together, he attempted to complete school as a second-year senior so he could play ball. Rob remembers running down the hall to class when the principal stopped him; “He asked me, why was I even trying? He said that all I’d ever amount to, was a ditch digger and I should just give up and quit; three days later, I did”. In the sum 30 years following Rob worked in construction, by the age of 48 Rob found himself struggling with drugs and struggling with life, in general, while living in his car. On one bitterly cold night (he recalls his hair freezing to the window) he’d had enough and checked himself in to rehab for the seventh time. Rob now has 13 years clean. 

After persevering such huge obstacles in life, Rob returned to the work force where he was faced with another- injuries. Rob remembers calling Allen Law Firm and talking to Shawna Frolich, his soon to be workmen’s compensation paralegal. He remembers her saying confidently, “I can help you with that”. He stated after meeting Shawna, he knew for sure he had someone on his side, someone he trusted. 

With 19 years of physical labor and multiple injuries, Rob’s doctors agreed he could not return to his job of injury. Rob had no return to work options, no diploma or GED and an 11th grade education level. When Shawna explained that Rob had the opportunity to go back to school and be retrained, all he felt was fear and worry. He worried that his age and schooling level would be too much to overcome. With Shawna’s support and that of his vocational counselor, Rob at age 59 completed his high school requirements and began his schooling at Bellingham Technical College in Computer machining. He remembers worrying about navigating the computer systems and finding common ground with his classmates. To Rob’s surprise, school suited him well, “I just fell in love with the program, I couldn’t have done it without Shawna’s support – she was incredibly supportive”. Rob continues to push towards his newfound career in computer machining. He will be graduating this spring with an Associate degree in Applied Sciences for Computerized Machining. “Going to BTC was nothing like high school, at BTC the instructors WANT you to succeed, they will help and encourage you every step of the way”.

I asked Rob what advice he would give to another injured worker in his position, “Get the right people in your court and just don’t stop, keep going. When you feel close to giving up, keep pushing”.

A Message from Rob’s Paralegal- “I knew the minute I heard Rob’s life story, he was a fighter, a survivor. At our first meeting, Rob expressed how lost he was, and was unsure what the future held for him.  For many of my clients like Rob, they feel the only way to make a living is with their physical strength, they just aren’t “smart” enough to do anything else.  This simply isn’t true.  I take great pleasure in helping my clients take on the challenge of retraining, and succeed. I’m so proud of Rob and can’t wait to hear all about his future adventures in life.” -Shawna Frolich - L&I Paralegal, ALLEN LAW FIRM

Read what our happy CLIENTS are saying...

Kim Davey and additional staff at Allen Law Firm have been wonderful. Kim has been amazing with keeping me updated and helping me get through my L&I claim with little stress. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Allen Law Firm.

David H. 4/24/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Professional and yet personal! For the past 18 years team Allen has been there for me and my family. I appreciate the many times they have gone over and above to assist me. Thank you

J C 4/20/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

After being injured in a car accident that wasn't my fault, I was quickly overwhelmed and very stressed, and as a wife and mom of 5 I didn't have the time or energy to deal with the repercussions. After our first appointment with Craig and Sheila, I was able to take a sigh of relief knowing that we had support in this confusing process. I've been working with them for a little over a year now and every time I call and have a question or just need to chat about what's been going on, Kendra and Sheila are so helpful and always are quick to know the details of my case right away. I love how organized and up to speed they are. It is SO comforting to know that I am not alone in this process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 1000%!

Joanne S 4/20/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

I have been working with Allen Law Firm for about 10 months now and I must say I am very happy with the service received. When I have gone in, the team is super kind, they listen well, and truly do care. Kendra the Legal Assistant has been very kind and has checked up on me regularly to make sure I was doing okay and to offer any assistance needed. This firm goes above and beyond and I would recommend them to anyone.

Brandon S 4/18/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Working with allen law firm has been a key part of the claim. They are professional and work with you on every aspect of the claim. Kim and Jana and all of the Allen law firm keep up the great work. Thanks

Robert F 4/18/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

This is one of the best lawyers offices that I have ever Encountered their very selfless and care about their clients

Christopher F 4/17/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

My experience with Allen Law Firm was nothing but positive. Shawn and Jana were extremely helpful and available to answer my questions. I had navigated my L&I claim on my own for several months until I realized that the that I needed assistance from someone who knew and understood the in and outs of the system. We talked to several firms before choosing Allen. Shawna was exceptional always returning my emails and phone calls and being honest and upfront with all her answers. Everyone in the office was considerate and respectful. I would highly recommend Allen Law Firm and would not hesitate to use them again.

Greg S 4/17/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

I have nothing but good to say about Allen Law Firm. The really helped me wh.en I needed them. Always so pleasant to talk to on the phone

Bea H 4/15/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Trustworthy, efficient, compassionate. If I ever had a need I would not hesitate using them again.

Mary H 4/15/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Been with Allen law 3 decades, always took care of me, sent birthday cards and cared!

Jeanette T 4/15/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

I have asked Allen Law Firm for help with my legal problem twice, and both times they exceeded all of my expectations. The staff is professional, reliable, and understanding of my needs. They are honest and positive with me every step of the way though the proses: something I value highly. They relieved my stress, and got me what I deserved. I can't say enough good things. I highly recommend Allen law firm, Thank you.

Constance A N 4/14/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Allen Law Firm has exceptional people working for them. They are there for you in every way. Thanks for being there for me.

Doreen K 4/13/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Very helpful polite team ..when I was injured and I realized it wasn't healing without medical attention and I finally dragged myself to the hospital and was turned in as a work claim injury the l&I paperwork started pouring in like a flood gate was opened, it became very overwhelming really fast!!! I knew at that point I'd better get an attorney on my side.i seen a few attorneys and after I met the Allen law firm team it was a easy decision..I could tell they were very knowledgeable and were gonna make the process of getting the proper help I needed way less stressful, we all have enough stress being injured!!my experience with Allen law was A+++ service all the way

Matthew N4/12/2019

the whole team over at allen kaw firm have been very helpful. i was stuck not knowing what to do while dealing with labor and industries amd as soon as i hired them they took care of everything. thank you to shawna and the whole allen law firm team.

logan s 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Great team, very thorough and professional kept me up to date through the whole process

Fred 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

thank you. you have done a wonderful job of taking care of me. your the greatest.

Mary Lou R 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

This firm has been there for me for many years. Always kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Thank you!!

Judy W 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

I hired Allen law firm to help me out with an LNI claim. I'm very happy with all the support Kim and Jana have given me. It is still a on going claim but I know the end results will be in our favor. Thanks Allen law firm

Robert F 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

had my back through out the entire process

marlene p 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Allen law firm helped me settle my L & I claim. Without them I would have been left jobless and without the opportunity to retrain

Bert C 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

I have gotten so much help from you, Kim Davies is the best. Always listens to me.And does her best for me. Everyone there is kind, and helpful.

Debbie K 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Dealing with my injury was hard enough, but with all the help this wonderful team did for me made it a lot easier. I can’t thank Shauna enough for what she did for me.. I went to another firm first and was told I had nothing they could help me with. Goes to show ya that there are good and not so good Attorneys. In my opinion Allen Law Firm isn’t good, they are great. Thanks again.

Rick S 4/12/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

Always glad too have the feeling that my best interest is always Allen Law Firms goal

Benjamin S 4/11/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

A amazing group of law people to have on my side.

Jayne W 4/11/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

On the job injury 5.0 stars Posted by KAARENA April 11, 2019 I am writing on behalf of my sister, Elva was injured in 2001 (I believe), she collected L & I settlement checks for 17 years, until her passing last year. What happened was in her janitorial position, she was emptying collected garbage and threw the bag of garbage in the dumpster at the end of her shift She was unaware of the seriousness of her injury. She was aware her legs felt weak and were becoming numb. She had blown a disc. into her spinal cord. (also known as a stroke of the spinal cord) She woke the next morning and could not move her legs, she was taken to the hospital and within a few hours was transported to Harbor-view Medical , They performed emergency surgery. After leaving the hospital she was transported to a rehab facility, not sure but I believe she was there for 3-4 weeks. She hired Allen Law Firm, and they settled a difficult battle. L & I tried to make her go back to work, (no such thing as light duty in Janitorial work, even dusting takes a toll on the body). She could barely walk, stand, had no bladder or bowel control, and or any education. Her surgeon said it was a miracle she was even able to walk at all !! So, pretty serious and L & I still did not want to retire her, but finally settled, offered her a lump sum or monthly payments. She opted for the monthly payments. So not only did she get great representation and income to live on, but 14 years later, (about 3 years before her passing) I realized her son had control over her money (he had a drug issue) as she had early stages of Alzheimer's, (she believed any and all things he said), she lost her apartment of ten years, was not able to keep her utilities up, no tv, no phone, no food. I was able to get a power of attrny, and quickly approached Allen Law Firm's help to not allow anyone other than me to pick up her checks. I was able to keep a roof over her head and a steady food supply (what a nightmare) until I had the opportunity to have her daughter fly out so she would have supervision in traveling to SC. What Allen Law Firm; Craig Allen, legal team, and staff did to help me to make sure he was not able to get her money, not even for her to receive it was WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND, protecting her well being. Not only that; they are all kind, considerate, and complete role models of good Samaritans. They saved her life, not once but twice. I am so very grateful for the compassion and extra care given to their clients. Thank you so much. So they all protected her for 17 years!! Thank you is not enough. I am so grateful for all your help and services. You are Number one in my eyes. Simply Amazing !!!


Amazing group to have on your side. Not everything is cut and dry. When things get tricky your covered. They Have Big Bag of Defense Tricks.

Walter W 4/11/2019 - FIVE STAR RATING

When you need someone on your side, Allen Law Firm is there for you, even years later. When L&I says "no", hire Charlie and his Angels, they know how L&I works.

David R 10/8/2018 - FIVE STAR RATING

love how they call, just to check how things are going! Always postive and encouraging!

kathi o 9/21/2018 - FIVE STAR RATING

New Hope For An Injured Client

Meet Bert!

Bert Cueva (second from left), and the Allen Law Firm team!

Bert Cueva (second from left), and the Allen Law Firm team!

Bert Cueva is a 56-year-old father of 4 grown children, grandfather to 9 grandchildren, and longtime resident of Whatcom County. On June 7 th , 2017, Bert was on the job and loading a barbecue onto a truck when he heard a dreaded “popping” noise. The following day, his knee had swelled up like a balloon and his kids urged him to go to the hospital. By then it was clear that the degree of injury would most definitely take him out of work.

Bert opened a claim with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and began treating.

After a few months (and the discovery of severe tendon strain and a complex muscular tear), Bert’s doctor released him back to work without the benefit of surgery nor further treatment or benefits. Bert was shocked in that he had not healed. His pain was prominent, and he was in dire need of surgery. His daughter (a former client) recommended he contact Craig and the team at Allen Law Firm to take over the handling of his claim. Bert recalls the relief he felt when he met with Kim and she got the ball rolling instantly.

Kim Davey has been a paralegal alongside Craig Allen, Attorney, for over 23 years. Her knowledge and savvy as a Labor and Industries paralegal is unmatched in the Bellingham legal field. Kim and Craig were able to get Bert’s claim up and running again. He began receiving his wage loss compensation and his surgery was authorized, scheduled, and completed.

After a few months of physical therapy, Bert was truly ready to close his claim. He was then evaluated for permanent impairment. Kim and Craig earnestly negotiated a Structured Settlement with Labor and Industries on Bert’s behalf. He had finally received the recovery he deserved.

Bert’s surgery (which involved the removal of his meniscus) left his knee bone-on-bone and, thus, Bert knew he could not return to his former, physically demanding work. However, he knew we was not ready to retire. He had a long-time dream of opening a food truck with the help of his family. He recalled the joy of teaching his kids how to cook when they were young. Now, Bert could use his knowledge and passion for cooking, along with his well-deserved settlement monies, to make his dream a reality.

Bert purchased and refurbished a bare-boned food truck. He began serving popular Filipino dishes including pork adobo, lumpia and pansit. Bert’s Food truck, cleverly named “WTF? Where’s the Food?” served Allen Law Firm’s annual client appreciation day held on June 14th, with much success and praise from all who were in attendance.

For more information on WTF? Where’s the Food? contact Bert Cueva at;360-510-3601 or

Craig and his staff at Allen Law Firm are very proud of Bert and countless other clients’ successes. They will continue to break the mold in their work representing injured clients, heart first.