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If you're suffering from an impairment or a disability, you must be wondering whether you'll be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. You should get in touch with Allen Law Firm. We'll help you file your SSD claim and obtain the benefits you're entitled to.

An experienced lawyer can greatly boost your chances of submitting a successful SSD claim. Contact the experienced disability lawyer at Allen Law Firm to schedule an appointment.
Social Security Disability Benefits Whidbey Island, WA

Helping With Your Social Security Disability Application 

  • Completing your claim: The process of filing an SSD claim is elaborate. Let us prevent you from committing common mistakes that may lead to an SSD claim rejection. We have the experience to file your claim meticulously
  • Gathering the necessary evidence: If you have a disability that is not letting you work, you'd need to prove it to the Social Security Administration. Let us help you collect the evidence and present it to the administration
  • Providing you invaluable advice and counsel: You can rely on our attorney for support, comfort and accurate information during this complex process. We'll fight for your rights even if your case goes to appeal

Guiding You Through Disability Hearings and Appeals

  • Appealing a denial: SSA has a reputation of denying valid claims. If your claim has been rejected, get in touch with us. Let our reliable attorneys file the claim for you
  • Preparing for your hearing: You can rely on our experienced attorney to help you prepare for the hearing. We'll help prepare you to present your arguments in front of the panel in a professional, yet convincing manner
  • Advocating for your rights: Your disability attorney is your biggest advocate at the hearing. Depend on us to fight for your rights
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"After 4 years of banging my head on my own, a friend recommended Craig Allen. The girls here went to work for me, doing paperwork, phone calls, appointments, and things I am not aware of. 5 years later, my L&I pension came through and 2 weeks later, my S.S.D came in. A big thank you to Craig and Kim and all the girls past and present."

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